Our approach to reducing health inequalities


(Digital) health for everyone

Core20PLUS5 is NHS England’s approach to informing action to reduce healthcare inequalities - a mission we at Luscii are also committed to achieving.

At Luscii, we work with our NHS partners to ensure that consideration of the Core20PLUS target population is considered when we are designing and implementing remote monitoring pathways. You can read more about how Luscii is committed to addressing health inequalities here.


Focus clinical areas

This approach identifies ‘5’ focus clinical areas which NHS England deem need accelerated improvement. At Luscii, we are able to support care across these 5 clinical areas. In particular, we have proven results in 3 of the 5 priority areas:

  1. Maternity - Luscii has programs covering gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes and pregnancy
  2. Chronic respiratory disease - Luscii’s COPD programs have led to reduced exacerbations and emergency hospital admissions. For example, read all about our program running in Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.
  3. Hypertension - Luscii has hypertension programs that support people to measure and regulate their blood pressure at home. both in the acute and in the primary care setting.

Interested in hearing more about how Luscii’s work aligns with the Core20PLUS5 framework? Reach out to us


Privacy build in

Privacy is a fundamental human right, especially when dealing with healthcare data. We have made it our top priority to securely handle your patients' data whereas you remain the owner of it. Our safety, quality and privacy are audited externally and certified on the highest levels. Our many awards are living proof of this.