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£ 398k+ savings in hospital costs

Heart failure hospital at home

A study at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust demonstrated tremendous hospital cost savings and lowered admissions. The team at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust onboarded 146 newly diagnosed heart failure patients to the Luscii hospital-at-home pathway:

  • 65% reduction in A&E attendances
  • 81% reduction in unplanned admissions
  • £398k+ net savings in hospital costs in the first 90 days

The study was performed on 146 patients, half of whom were in the RPM group. Further evaluation shows RPM is feasible in HFrEF with good retention (2% drop-out rate over 3 months).

All Together Better Alliance Sunderland

Virtual COPD clinic

The All Together Better Alliance Sunderland established a virtual COPD care program connecting the dots between various providers in the system. Supported by the recovery at home team, the virtual COPD clinic has delivered outstanding results, cutting respiratory emergency admissions in half:

  • 58% reduction in respiratory emergency admissions
  • 34% reduction in primary care usage
  • ROI of 625%
floating phones (1)
ROI of 800% with better care

Safe@Home with gestational hypertension

A large research study into the Safe@Home program with Luscii showed impressive outcomes for pregnant women using the pathway to manage hypertension at home:

  • 14% reduction in antenatal visits
  • 79% reduction in ultrasound examinations and admissions
  • ROI of 800%

Privacy build in

Privacy is a fundamental human right, especially when dealing with healthcare data. We have made it our top priority to securely handle your patients' data whereas you remain the owner of it. Our safety, quality and privacy are audited externally and certified on the highest levels. Our many awards are living proof of this.

Adopting remote monitoring at scale: The keys of success from the biggest adoption of COPD remote monitoring in the UK 

Watch this CPD-accredited webinar with GovConnect to hear about Airedale NHS Foundation Trust's roll-out of COPD remote monitoring using Luscii. Rachel Binks, Nurse Consultant at Airedale, discuss the successes, challenges, and impact of delivering remote monitoring at scale.

Published Luscii Studies
  1. SAFE@HOME – Feasibility study of a telemonitoring platform combining blood pressure and preeclampsia symptoms in pregnancy care
  2. SAFE@HOME: Digital health platform facilitating a new care path for women at increased risk of preeclampsia – A case-control study
  3. User Experiences With and Recommendations for Mobile Health Technology for Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy: Mixed Methods Study
  4. Long-term effects of telemonitoring on healthcare usage in patients with heart failure or COPD
  5. Advantages of mobile health in the management of adult patients with congenital heart disease
  6. First real-world experience with mobile health telemonitoring in adult patients with congenital heart disease
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  19. Experience and outcome from a london NHS trust heart failure virtual ward
  20. Managing Mpox: a novel technological solution for a neglected infection
  21. Managing mpox using a remote monitoring service

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